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Who We Are

Why we started

Jethro began in Canada and opened a headquarters in the US when we noticed a need many seniors had: an easy-to-use phone. With the rise in smartphones, we noticed many seniors were finding the new technology daunting and difficult to use. Our goal became to provide senior citizens with a simple phone to keep them connected to their loved ones. Not only did we want to keep families connected, but we also wanted to make sure our phones would be reliable and affordable. We want all seniors to have access to simple technology that makes their lives simpler. After releasing our senior cell phones, we noticed many people also wanted a simple and reliable, no-strings-attached cell phone service as well. Jethro listed and introduced Jethro Mobile, a prepaid cell phone service that offers reliable and affordable no-contract cell phone plans.

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What makes us special

Both Jethro Mobile service and cell phones are made to be simple and hassle-free.

Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles, and we realized that for some people, simple is better. Jethro Mobile is unique because the goal is to be flexible and provide service plans that match your needs rather than charging you for what you don’t need.


Our phones are made specifically to be easy to use and minimal. We take into consideration all feedback we receive to continually make our products better and simpler to use. Our products are unique because they aren’t meant to be the flashiest thing on the market. They are made to be practical and useful.

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Why Choose Jethro

Here at Jethro, we love making people’s lives easier. We genuinely care about increasing senior citizen’s quality of life and find when frustration is gone, it is much easier to be happy and go on doing the things you love. That is why we offer live agent, local assistance. Our goal is to take away the complexity, so you can stay connected with your family and continue loving life. Family is important here at Jethro, so we try to keep all families connected. It is also important to us that seniors have quick access to emergency contacts which is why we provided an SOS button. Keeping your loved ones connected, safe, simple, and happy is important to us at Jethro Mobile.

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