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Save Money On Roaming: Our Guide for Snowbird and Canadian Travelers

Updated: Apr 17

By: Duy Nguyen, Marketing Intern

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Canadian Traveler?

Are you a Canadian traveler coming to the States soon? Travel can get expensive, and saving where you can is essential. For years, long-term Canadian travelers to the U.S., known as Snowbirds, have struggled to find the ideal phone plan for their lifestyle. The process of becoming a Snowbird involves extensive planning, from choosing the right location and obtaining the necessary documents to preparing for the new Snowbird life. Jethro Mobile can help make the transition smoother and help you save at the same time. Our affordable travel plans include free calling to Canada, and 80+ countries, nationwide coverage, a local number, Wi-Fi calling, and a mobile hotspot. Our guide includes helpful tips for Snowbirds and the best options that will help you stay connected during your travel.

Popular Snowbird Location

With so many destinations to choose from, picking the right one can feel like a daunting task. We are breaking down some of the most popular destinations in the U.S. that Snowbirds usually choose from. Keep in mind these are not the only destinations, but they are the most popular.

  • Arizona - This state in the sunbelt of the United States allows for the perfect warm gateway or long-term stay. Snowbirds have the option of picking from large cities to small towns. With affordable housing, great weather, and lots of outdoor activity, Arizona, for years, has become a popular destination for those looking for a warm and affordable location. For those who favor dry heat, Arizona is the perfect destination.

  • Florida - The warm tropical location is a popular destination for Snowbirds with so much to offer Florida has become one of the most popular Snowbird destinations ever. With beautiful beaches, some of the world's best dining, and amazing weather, many are drawn to the beautiful beachside towns and cities. If you prefer humid heat, this is the place for you!

  • Texas - This state, in the southern part of the United States, holds a wealth of offerings for Snowbirds. As the saying goes “Everything is bigger in Texas,” so Snowbirds should expect an abundance of culture and fun in the state. With a diverse range of cities to choose from, Snowbirds can opt for bustling metropolises or affordable, tranquil towns.

Save On Roaming Fees

Staying connected is a priority when traveling, and roaming fees can quickly add up during international travel. Many of Canada's biggest service providers like TELUS, Rogers, and Bell have roaming fees ranging between $12 to $14 per day when traveling in the States, on top of the cost of your existing plan. This cost can quickly add up on short and long stays in the States. With so many options, picking the right plan for you can be a complicated process. Jethro Mobile can help you save with our affordable cell phone plans built for both short and long-term stays in the States.

One of our most popular plans is the Snowbird Plan, offering two different options: the Snowbird Plan With No Data, also known as the Simple Plan. Specifically designed for long-term travelers and Snowbirds heading to the U.S., this plan provides unlimited talk and text for durations ranging from 30 to 365 days. Ideal for those seeking a plan to stay connected with friends and family without the need for data, it offers significant savings.

Our second plan, Snowbird Plan With Data, also known as our Simple Plus Plan, includes unlimited talk and text, along with 500MB to 8GB of high-speed data. With 500MB to 8GB of high-speed data, it is perfect for browsing the web, checking your email, and using GPS navigation—especially useful when exploring unfamiliar territory in a new place.

Both plans include nationwide coverage, free calling to Canada and 80+ counties, and a local number which makes it easier for travelers to communicate with local banks, friends, and doctors in their destinations. All local numbers can be kept for 45 days after the plan expires, meaning frequent travelers to the U.S. can keep the same number for every visit.

Know someone who already has a Jethro Mobile plan? Have them refer you and save 10% or refer a friend to have them save 10%.

Making Your Destination Your New Home

Now that you have chosen your Snowbird destination it is time to make it feel like your second home. Join the local community, attend local events, visit popular attractions, and befriend your neighbors will all make your Snowbird destination feel more like home. While you're there, don’t forget about those back at home. Stay connected with them through FaceTime, calls, and texts to stay up to date on each other's lives. This transition to your new Snowbird life can be difficult, but Jethro Mobile is here to make things a little easier. With our roots tracing back to Canada (just like you), Jethro Mobile is here for you with affordable cell phone plans, reliable customer service, and years of experience. You can trust Jethro Mobile to help in your transition to Snowbird Living.

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