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Jethro Accessories

All the perfect accessories to pair with your new 4G Jethro senior cell phone: the SC490. Find both practical and fashionable accessories. Everything you need to pair with your Jethro phone and keep life simple. Simple and affordable accessories.

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Durable Leather Case

Keep your phone protected with this stylish, easy-to-carry, and durable faux leather case. Choose from classic black to bold red, and enjoy your new fashionable yet practical case. With a simple keyring attachment, belt loop strap, and magnetic safety strap, you can be sure this phone is easy to carry and safely secured.

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Convenient Charging Dock

The easy-to-use dock that charges your Jethro phone. Simply place the phone in the dock and start charging. No more messing with a difficult-to-use cord.

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Long-lasting Battery

The battery life of a Jethro long-lasting battery is 3 to 5 hours while talking and 90 to 120 hours on standby. Never run out of power when using a Jethro battery.

Battery Disclaimer: actual battery life depends on usage and cellular signal quality. The higher the usage, the higher the wear on the battery. An insufficient cell signal can also lead to a battery that depletes quickly. For best battery quality, check signal coverage and connect to Wi-Fi calling if applicable.

Fashionable Lanyard

Not only is this lanyard stylish, but it can help protect your phone from drops. Keep your phone from getting lost or dropped when you add this fashionable lanyard to your phone.

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