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  • My phone won't turn on.
    Press and hold the red hang-up button for 5-10 seconds Make sure the battery is inserted correctly Charge the phone overnight Try a different charging method. If you typically charge the phone with the dock, try with the cable directly and vice versa. If you have another micro USB cable, try that one. Use a different outlet.
  • My battery is draining too quickly.
    Make sure you have sufficient coverage in your area Connect to Wi-Fi calling
  • My phone won't charge.
    Use the cord rather than the dock Try a different electrical outlet Check to see if the red squiggle is over the battery symbol on the phone Charge the phone overnight
  • I can’t hear the person talking on the other line.
    Press the volume up button located above the “OK” button Put the phone on speaker
  • The person I’m trying to call can’t hear me or I sound muffled to them.
    Make sure you haven’t muted the phone. You can see the mute/unmute option while on a call when you press the menu button Make sure the service in your area is sufficient. Connect to Wi-Fi calling is possible to boost reception, find out more from the video below Put the phone on speaker by pressing the button that says “SPKR”
  • My ringer won’t make any noise.
    Make sure the phone is not on vibrate by pressing and holding the # button for a couple seconds. There will be a vibrate symbol that appears on the top right hand of the screen when the phone is on vibrate only. Turn up the ringer volume by going to Settings> Sound (6)> Ring Volume, then toggle the volume higher. The bar will display blue to demonstrate how high the volume is.
  • My phone is too quiet
    Turn up the ringer, media, and alarm volume by going to Settings> Sound (6)> Choose the volume you would like to turn up, then toggle the volume higher. The bar will display blue to demonstrate how high the volume is. Put the phone on speaker during a call.
  • My dock isn’t charging my phone.
    Please make sure the charging cable is attached properly to the dock and the wall socket Check the battery symbol on the phone for the charging symbol (red squiggle) Try using another wall outlet Make sure the phone is placed properly into the cradle

If your phone is not working properly, please see our troubleshooting tips. If the troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, please fill out the replacement request form.

Product Details:

Features: FM Radio, MP3, Torch, SOS, Vibration, Camera

Design: Bar

Dimension: 5.4 x 2.2 x 0.5  in 

Weight: 4 oz



SIM Card: Mini SIM

Micro-SD Card: Support up to 64G (optional)

Bands: 4G FDD Bands 2,4,5,7,12,13,17,66,

            3G WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHZ,

            2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900.

No. of SIMS: 1 Standard size

Display: 2.8" TFT 240x320 pixels

Camera: 2 MP 

Bluetooth: 4.2

Battery Type: Li-ion 1600 mAh Rechargeable

Headset connector Type: 3.5 mm

No. of Phone Book Entries: 200

No. of Messages: 250

Ringtone: MP3

Audio Format: MP3, AMR, MIDI

Video Format: MP4, 3GP

Image Format: JPG, BMP

Languages: Multiple languages

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