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How Jethro Mobile Works


Check the coverage of where you are traveling to.

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Activate or schedule your activation


Check your phone's compatibility


Order your plan. The sim card is included.

How to Activate

How to Activate
  1. Once you receive your SIM card, you can activate or schedule your activation here.

  2. Register for or log in to your Jethro Mobile account.

  3. Enter your email, name, and the address you are traveling to. It can be any US address (hotel, post office, friend’s house, etc.)

  4. Select “Activate Immediately” or “Set a Future Date”

  5. You will receive an email in 5 minutes with your phone number

Once You are in the US

  • Insert the SIM card into your phone if you have not already.

  • Turn the phone off and back on again.

  • Make a test call.

  • Most phones update APN setting automatically. However, if you have trouble accessing data or MMS, you may need to update your APN settings manually.

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