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How to Activate Your Jethro Mobile USA Travel Plan

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

By: Carlo Lapuz, Marketing Specialist

Ready to use your US travel SIM card? In this blog we will show you how you can activate or pre-activate your Jethro Mobile SIM card in just a few simple steps.

Step 1. In your web browser, go to

Before activating your travel plan, we recommend checking the following things first: a) Your phone’s compatibility with our services.

b) Check to see if there will be sufficient coverage in your area.

If your phone is compatible and there is sufficient coverage in your location, you may proceed with activating your sim card.

Step 2. Select and click “Activate” on the upper right corner of the page

Step 3. a) Create an account, if you don't already have one. Follow the prompts.

b) If you already have an account you may sign-in.

Step 4. Enter your 19 digit ICCID number located on your sim card. It is the number that starts with "890...." no need to include the "F"

Step 5. a) If your SIM card comes preloaded with a plan, you will be redirected to the activation screen.

b) If your SIM card does not have a preloaded plan, you will redirected to the activation screen.

Step 6. Select and click "Activate a brand new number"

Step 7. Finish entering the rest of your information.

a) Email

b) US Address - in order to be assigned a local US phone number (this can be a hotel or place you are staying. We do not send any letters to this address).

c) Payment information for auto-renewal (optional).

Step 8. Choose an activation date:

a. "Start immediately" will start the service right away OR

b. "Future Date" allows you to pick when activation will start (up to 60 days in advanced) for your convenience. All times are EST. Service will begin on this date/time.

Step 9. Click "Activate."

Step 10. Wait and check your email for your confirmation and local US phone number.

Step 11. Once you are ready to use the service, simply insert the SIM card into your phone . The service will only work once you have arrived in the States. (The service does not work in Canada.)

Happy Travels!

For any questions regarding activation our live support team is ready to assist you

Call us: 1.888.509.6199

Have any more questions?

Call us- 1.888.509.6199

Email us-





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