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How to Navigate the APN Setting on Your Jethro Phone

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

By: Ben Hodson, Marketing Specialist, July 25, 2021

Here at Jethro, we've recently noticed that some customers have been experiencing trouble sending and receiving multimedia messages. Luckily, we're here to clear up the confusion!

What is Multimedia Messaging?

MMS is a messaging service that permits the transfer of photos, videos, GIFs, or group messaging. Why am I not receiving them?

Ultimately, two factors generally explain why: data and APN settings.

Sending multimedia messages requires you to have data access. Without one, you will only be able to send and receive regular text messages, also known as SMS.


APN, an acronym that stands for Access Point Names, is a liaison between your mobile carrier and the web. Therefore, APNs are reliant on your service provider. APN settings are different depending on your service carrier, so Rogers, Telus, Bell, and Shaw Mobile all have different APN settings. Finding and assembling APN settings for your Jethro SC490 cell phone is easy to do, and the instructions can be found below:

Instructions: 1. Press the Menu Button, and scroll to settings, then select Network & Internet.

2. Select Mobile Network, scroll to Access Point Names and press ok.

3. Press Menu Button to bring up Options.

4. Select New APN.

5. Manually enter the APN information for your specific provider.

6. For Jethro's APN Settings

a. APN: wholesale

b. MMSC:

c. Leave all other fields empty or as default

It's important to note that each service provider has its own set of APN settings, so you will need to find the APN information for your carrier. Here is a useful resource you can use for all major carriers in both the U.S. and Canada.

If you are with a smaller carrier aside from Jethro Mobile, you will need to consult their website or customer service. We also have a video outlining these exact instructions in case you'd like any further clarification.

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