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8 Gifts for Grandma on Mother’s Day 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Written by Aliyah Kennedy, Marketing Assistant

Moms and grandma’s deserve something they are going to love for their special day. We know it can be daunting trying to find the perfect gift and think of any good ideas, so we’ve compiled a list of ideas to make your mother’s day gift hunting an easy task - and one she is going to LOVE!

With finding the best mother’s day gift being difficult, you may be wondering what are good gifts for grandma and mom. Consider putting together a mother’s day gift basket, that way getting gifts for grandma who has everything becomes a breeze! Here are our 8 ideas that could contribute to that mother’s day gift basket.

1. A new phone

Keeping in contact with your grandma is important but smartphones may be too complicated to use with the touchscreen and multitude of apps. Jethro has created the SC490 4G cell phone designed for seniors. A simple phone with large buttons to keep in touch with your mom. She can contact all her loved ones with ease and not have to worry about the craziness of complex technology. With its simplicity, she’ll be able to text and call with stride- and of course see those adorable photos of her grandkids, both human and furry.

2. Phone plan

To make sure your mom can access those subscription services, Jethro Mobile has flexible and affordable mobile plans that have a range of data options, as well as plans without data. Consider subscribing her to Jethro Mobile with our auto-renewal option and she’ll have everything she needs!

3. Phone case

Get your grandma an exciting, new phone case to pair with her Jethro cell phone to ensure her device is protected. Whether she has a smartphone or a feature phone, it is good to keep it covered.

Our Jethro phone offers a red case that can be a cute coverage for your grandmother’s Jethro phone!

There are also lots of different brands out there that have cases for smartphones with adorable designs for moms who love to stand out and simple but pretty solid toned cases for those who just want a basic look.

4. Smartwatch

Gifting a smartwatch can help simplify life for your mom, making it easier for her to stay connected with just a few touches on her wrist.

It can display notifications, track fitness, and even make phone calls. It’s an addition without having to worry about using any extra data and can lessen your battery usage on your phone since you aren’t using the screen nearly as much.

Whether she’s into fitness or loves to stay connected, this could be a wonderful gift for your mom.

5. Subscription services

If your mom or grandma loves to read, listen to music, or watch movies, consider gifting her a subscription service like Audible, Spotify, or Netflix. This will allow her to enjoy things on-the-go and at home.

6. Portable charger

Sometimes when you are busy, you need an extra charge for your phone. Moms who live a busy life can greatly benefit from portable chargers, also known as power banks or battery packs. Not only that, but moms who love to spend time outdoors with hiking and camping benefit greatly from them so she can stay connected and keep track of her trails! They come in a wide variety of types depending on her needs. Depending on the mAh, also known as milliamp-hours, and phone she has, it will charge her device up to a certain amount and some have multiple charges worth.

Jethro does have a portable charger with 8,000 mAh that provides a rapid charge for your devices. It comes in Creamy White, Mint Green, and Baby Pink. Not only that, but it glows in the dark!

7. Car phone holder

For that on-the-go mom, a car phone holder works great so she can navigate easily around town and safely check-in. Knowing where all the traffic is can help her ease some of the stress that comes with a busy life.

8. E-Reader

If you have a grandma or mom who loves to read, consider gifting her an e-reader. This will make it easy for her to bring any book she wants to read while on the go! Whether she is on vacation relaxing, on her break at work, or taking time for herself at home, she can have thousands of books ready at the touch of a button. Those of us who are avid readers all would love a gift like this.

Remember, the most important thing is to show your mom how much you appreciate her and make her feel loved on Mother's Day. Take her out for dinner and gift her something you know she will love!

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