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The International US/Canada Border Opening

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

By: Brandon Lehto, Marketing Specialist, October 26th, 2021

What You Need To Know About Snowbirds and Pre-paid Travel Plans

If you are from Canada, you've probably been keeping a close eye on travel restrictions, as the US has blocked entry for all non-essential travel. That changes on November 8th, 2021. With proof of full vaccination, all US-Canada borders will be fully open to travel and tourism, just in time for the winter season (read more here). Whether you're traveling to the US for family or sunshine, Jethro Mobile has you covered.

How can Jethro help you while traveling abroad?

With affordable plans starting at just $5 per month, Jethro offers an excellent alternative to long-term contracts, expensive roaming services, or other companies that may have shut down operations due to COVID (precious Roam Mobility customer?). Having started operations in Canada, Jethro knows how important it is to stay connected when traveling across the border, wherever it may take you. Jethro Mobile uses T-Mobile's reliable 4G/5G LTE network to keep you covered across all areas in the US. It also conveniently offers free connectivity* between Canada, Mexico, and more places abroad!

Affordable Short-term Travel Plans

Going on a short business trip or family vacation? Check out these affordable travel plans built just for you - choose anywhere from a 5-to-45 day prepaid US travel SIM, with varying amounts of data. Use your data to get directions to a restaurant, search the web, or stay in touch via social media. Group texts and sending pictures included, as well as calling back home to Canada! The best part is that you can pre-select your dates of travel, so you can be sure you won't lose coverage when you need it most. Whether you're headed to the to the California coast or the beaches in Florida, Jethro Mobile has you covered.

Looking to travel for longer, or to compare options? Read more below.

Snowbirds: A Quick Look At Longer-Term and Domestic Jethro Plans:

Everyone loves a nice vacation, especially during the winter season. Jethro offers a variety of options for you to choose from! Read below to find out what is best for you.

I want talk/text, and that's it:

  • Simple plans: unlimited talk/text, no data. If you don't use the internet on your phone besides for basic communication, this is the plan built for you. Just choose what fits your length of stay, from 30, 90, 180, or 365 day plans!

I need data for the web, but only a little:

  • Simple plus plans: unlimited talk/text, limited data. Great for anyone needing occasional access to searching the web, streaming, maps, or social media while not on Wifi. Available in the same time frames as out Simple plans!

I have a smartphone because I regularly use the internet:

  • Smartphone plans: Unlimited talk/text, with just the right amount of data. Go big or go home and go anywhere!

Friendly and Responsive Customer Service

With great customer service and an open heart, Jethro wants to give you and your family simple and affordable plans that fit your needs. Contact our offices, located in Ferndale, Washington and Langley, British Columbia during our business hours 9-5pm, every day of the week! Looking for more than a plan? Purchase the new Jethro SC490 phone here and save even more! The Jethro SC490 is an easy-to-use non-smartphone, with a large screen and large buttons for accessibility. It also has a loud speaker, and is hearing-aid compatible!

Happy holidays, and safe travels, from Jethro.

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