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Battery for SC318v2, SC318
  • Battery for SC318v2, SC318


    Jethro battery allows your mobile device to stay in power all the time.  This certified battery is ideal for longer-lasting usage and will always ensure a safe charge. Lose a battery? Want an extra? We at Jethro have batteries for every phone model so you can have a backup in any situation. All batteries are at affordable pricing and come with a warranty.  


    Not only are Jethro batteries long lasting, but they are safety certified. By being FCC and UL Certified, you can be sure all Jethro batteries are safe to use. You can leave the battery in the charging dock without fear of any damage to the battery. This battery will not get overcharged or fail and is safe to keep on the charging dock.This model has been discontinued due to it being 3G or an earlier model. With the recent phasing out of 3G, this product is no longer being made or sold. Phone upgrades are available. Please contact us at for more information.


      We promise to deliver with 100% satisfaction to our customers, if you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will kindly help you with an exchange, replacement, or return within 30 Days from the date of purchase. 


      The package is including the following 


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