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SIM Card Adapter for SC490
  • SIM Card Adapter for SC490

    Is the SIM card you have the wrong size? Don’t worry, Jethro offers SIM card adaptors for all SIM card sizes. Includes multiple frames that fit to your SIM card to change its size. Mini, Micro, and Nano sizes are included. Simply attach the correct frame to your SIM card, and insert it into the phone. No need to go through a whole new activation when you have a perfectly good SIM card ready to use.


    This SIM card adapter will allow you to convert a Nano SIM card into a MICRO SIM card or a MINI SIM card, and this adapter will also let you convert a MICRO SIM card to a MINI SIM card. This adapter will allow you to put any SIM card inside a cell phone or tablet.


    The adapter makes it easy to switch the SIM card between devices that call for SIM cards of different sizes.


    This adapter is compatible with all SIM card manufacturers and every cell phone. This includes older models with normal or Micro SIM card devices.


    EASY INSTALLATION: Install your SIM card in a matter of seconds. No extra tools are required, just punch the SIM card into the correct frame, install it into the cell phone, and you are ready to go!


    Included in this product is the frame for a Nano card to Micro, a frame for Nano to Mini, a frame for Micro to Mini, and a steel pin to eject a Nano SIM card out of a smartphone.


      We promise to deliver with 100% satisfaction to our customers, if you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will kindly help you with an exchange, replacement, or return within 30 Days from the date of purchase. 

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