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How to Install New Updates on the SC490

Written by: Carlo Lapuz, Marketing Specialist

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities at Jethro. We are constantly striving for ways to improve our products and services so that you get the best. Sometimes we may have firmware updates for our phones with new features that will be beneficial for you.

Some firmware updates that could take place include things like improving texting and typing on your phone, improving apps, and features to enhance your user experience. Keep reading to learn more about how to perform firmware updates on the SC490.

How to Update Your Firmware on the SC490

To enable the firmware update, you must first make sure that you have a Wi-Fi connection. To learn how to connect the SC490 to Wi-Fi, watch this video:

After you connect to the Wi-Fi, we are ready to install the update:

1) Press the Menu Button

2) Use the arrows to scroll to Settings, then press ok

3) Scroll down to System (9)

4) Scroll to About Phone (4th icon down)

5) Press Updater or System Update - this will depend on the current update your phone has

6) You will now see the new version available

7) Use the down arrow to navigate to the Download button

8) Once it is highlighted, press OK

9) You can now choose to install now or later

10) Make sure to select Install now and then allow the phone to restart on its own

11) Do not interfere with the phone while the update is installing or restarting

12. When the phone turns back on, your phone will be ready to go!

For a video on how to do a firmware update on your SC490, watch this video.

To learn more about our simple phones and how to use them, visit our YouTube page for access to dozens of video tutorials with succinct, step-by-step instructions detailing every feature available!

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