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The Jethro 4G SC490 and its Best Features

Here at Jethro, we try to provide the best technology and the easiest accessibility to our

technology. That’s why with each phone we create, we ensure it has the best features for you. We provide unlocked phones so our phones can be used in Canada. Our latest model, the Jethro 4G SC490, keeps it simple and has rewarding features for you to own an incredible phone!

Now, let’s get into all the details so you can be assured why you should choose us.


1. 4G Band Accessibility

The SC490 runs off a 4G network, meaning you will not have to worry as 3G phases out in upcoming years and will work on any trips to the US where 3G has been phased out already. This phone is an unlocked phone, meaning you can insert a SIM card from any compatible carrier you prefer. The 4G bands compatible with Jethro phones include all major carriers in Canada. For more information on compatible carriers, click here.

2. Simple Operating System

Jethro phones are one of the best senior cell phones because they are designed with software that specifically benefits seniors where they may struggle compared to other users. With a large 2.8” screen with big buttons, this phone offers larger fonts and higher contrasts than other brands. This helps tremendously for seniors who may have diminished eyesight. These features can be beneficial for not only seniors, but anyone who struggles with vision.

In addition, the phones have been simplified for use. What this means is that there is no internet access, apps, or browsers. This makes using the SC490 extremely user-friendly with its simple operating system that ensures ease of navigation through the phone.

3. Hearing Aid Compatibility

One aspect that many brands do not have with their phones is hearing aid compatibility. Our SC490 has cutting edge M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility. This is great for crystal clear calling with no interference, allowing those who have hearing aids to hear their calls without any issues.

4. Safety Features

With a speed dial option to avoid searching through your contact list, this phone not only keeps life simple, but it keeps you safe. Included in the features is the emergency SOS button which allows you to program up to 5 different contacts to call in case of emergency.

The SOS button contains 3 functions when activated:

  • An alarm will sound, alerting those nearby that you need help

  • Your phone will automatically call each of your pre-programmed contacts in order

  • A customizable text will be sent to each of the pre-programmed contacts

This ensures that all those closest to you are alerted when you need help, rather than fumbling and leading to a potential crisis that could have been averted.

5. Frustration-Free Charging

We know that charging cords can be a hassle, especially for seniors. When you are unable to get the plug in right and you end up breaking your charging cord or phone charging port, you are left feeling defeated with yourself and technology. We make it simple with a charging dock for an easy charging setup rather than a small and frustrating cord.

Not only does this charging port accessory help you out, but we have lanyards to help protect your phone from drops and getting lost. They are available upon purchase on our website.

6. Bluetooth

The SC490 phone comes with the latest Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect to other devices with ease.

7. Battery Life

With Jethro’s long-lasting battery, your phone will last 3 to 5 hours of talk and 90 to 150 hours on standby.

Not only would you get time to talk and text with this lengthy battery life, but use of the fun features of the SC490. It comes equipped with a quickly accessible camera and an FM radio, allowing you to enjoy the simple things in life with photos and radio music and shows!

8. Local Customer Service

Jethro is local to both Canada and the United States, making us easier to get

into contact with. We provide toll-free, live agent support 7 days a week, from 7 A.M. - 6 P.M. PST. Many other companies may not be able to provide this service, as they either do not have a toll-free number or will send you to an automated service. Jethro also provides 24/7 email support for customers and we are always happy to help!

9. Certification

The SC490 phone is FCC, IC, and UL certified so you can be sure you are buying a quality product.

10. Warranty

We offer a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you are protected for a whole year against any manufacturer defects or issues. Register your SC490 for its warranty with just some simple information! You should always have working technology, so we put you first as our priority.

Overall, Jethro is a company that places customers first. We pride ourselves on making both our cell phones for seniors and interactions simple, reliable, and affordable. We want the best for our customers.

Jethro SC490 vs. Other Phones

Technology has become complicated and overwhelming. When it comes to communicating with others, it is vital to have a cellular phone, but not everybody needs a phone with flashy features, rather a simple, straightforward device that doesn’t cause headaches would suffice. That is one of the main reasons that our Jethro SC490 phone is unique to the market. Other phones make everything too complicated and they compromise the safety of an internet free world that you get with our phone. The internet grabs all the data it can on you and you can be rest assured that your information will be protected with the SC490, unlike our competitors.

Not only do you get safety of your information, but safety for emergencies with the SOS button located on the back of the phone. Implementing these safety features assures you like a security blanket that you, your family and friends can all be safe in the hands of Jethro.

Jethro SC490

Other Phones




Distracting with Apps

Secure Data, No Risk

Lack of Security, Privacy at Risk

​Simple Operating System

Difficult, Too Complicated Operating System

Senior Friendly

​Not Catered to Seniors

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