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Why Feature Phones are the Best Cell Phones for Seniors

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

By: Jethro Staff

Fun Fact: Did you know the very first mobile phone ever invented was in 1973 according to Cellular Sales. Cell phones provide customers with the ability to connect with friends and family from anywhere, peace of mind with direct contact for help, and the freedom to live independently. As technology advanced over the years mobile phones have undergone a very drastic transformation. Smartphones have ultimately changed the way we socialize and live. However, not everyone needs a Smartphone. With all of the features they come with, it can be distracting and counterproductive. Not to mention, smartphones are pretty expensive. More and more people are realizing the joy in reducing their time online. For some people a simple phone that can do the basics of talking and texting is more than enough. That’s why Jethro is dedicated to providing easy to use, durable, and affordable simple cell phones meant to assist with the important things in life.

What is a Feature Phone?

Basic feature phones are a more affordable and simple alternative to smartphones and provide all the main functions a phone user really needs, but with less distractions that come with a smartphone. They typically come in the form of a bar, or flip button phone, much like the older generations of cell phones. Because of their simplicity, feature phones make great cell phones for seniors.

If you are someone who feels overwhelmed or distracted by smartphones it might be beneficial to stick with something simpler. Users of feature phones often feel less attached to their phones and subsequently more involved with their day to day lives. Here are some additional benefits one might find with feature phones:

Why Feature Phones are Great

1) Battery life: Because feature phones are more simple, they have an average battery life that is significantly longer than smartphones. So you can talk and text more without needing to recharge as often.

2) Privacy - without access to the internet, feature phones are a much safer option when it comes to your personal information.

3) Distractions - because feature phones less apps and media capabilities, you can free up more time doing things you enjoy without being distracted by your cell phone.

4) Price - because Smartphones are basically a mini computer, they are way more expensive. Additionally, they typically become obsolete quickly as new versions are released in the market every few years. The technology surrounding feature phones is steady therefore carrying the phones value for much longer, so replacements are not necessary as often.

If you are looking for a phone with simplicity, utility, privacy, and frugality, feature phones are the right option for you! All different kinds of people find feature phones to be the right option for them. Whether you’re a senior looking to utilize easy-to-use functions and buttons or you are a concerned parent looking to have a way to contact your child without giving them access to the internet and social media platforms, there is a right feature phone for your needs.

View our latest feature phone the Jethro SC490. It has a candy bar style with less distractions so that you can stay in touch with friends and families easily.

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