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6 Feature Highlights for Jethro SC490

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

By Holli McKenzie - Marketing Specialist, Oct 28, 2020

Amid our current pandemic, COVID-19, many nursing and assisted living homes have halted family visitation. This has resulted in an increased number of seniors experiencing loneliness. However, one way to stay in touch with the seniors in your life in a socially distanced way is to purchase them a phone. Some newer phones can be difficult for seniors to use, that is why here at Jethro we value keeping technology simple. We have recently launched our new easy to use SC490 4G phone. This phone will be great to keep in touch with loved ones during the pandemic. Keep reading to learn more about its features and why this might be the right phone for you or a loved one.

1. The SC490 runs off a 4G network. Meaning you will not have to worry as 3G continues to be phased out. This phone is an unlocked phone, meaning you can insert a SIM card from any compatible carrier you prefer. For more information on compatible carriers, click here. (I think it would be cool to hyperlink the word “here” to our YouTube video)

2. The SC490 is equipped with the latest and greatest M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility. This is great for crystal clear calling with no interference.

3. The SC490 is a simple cell phone for seniors. This phone has a large 2.8” screen with large buttons. Additionally, this phone has an extremely user-friendly operating system to ensure ease of navigation through the phone.

4. The SC490 comes with many great features that are easy to set up. This phone has speed dial, a charging dock, an SOS button, and many more.

This senior cell phone is a mobile phone with an SOS button which is an exceptional feature for emergencies. The SOS button is comprised of 3 functions when activated:

· An alarm will sound, alerting those nearby that you need help

· Your phone will automatically call each of your pre-programmed contacts in order

· A customizable text will be sent to each of the pre-programmed contacts

5. The SC490 phone is FCC, IC, and UL certified so you can be sure you are buying a quality product.

6. The SC490 phone comes with the latest Bluetooth technology that will allow you to easily to connect to other devices.

Head over to to purchase the easy to use SC490 and accessories.

To learn more about this phone and why it might be right for you or a loved one, check out our YouTube channel for unboxing, tutorials, and more information! (Could be cool to hyperlink to a YouTube playlist in this paragraph – may be in “YouTube channel”)

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