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Using Contacts on the Jethro SC490

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

If you are having trouble navigating the contacts application on your phone, here are some helpful, guiding tips to get you in the right direction!

Adding Contacts

  1. For quick access from the home screen, press the speaker button ,SPKR, to bring up the contact screen

  2. Press the MENU button to bring up options

  3. Press OK to select Create New Contact

  4. Scroll down by pressing VOL- until your cursor is at “First name”

  5. Text in the desired contact name **to change from capital letters to lowercase letters, use the pound # button

  6. Scroll down to “Last name” and repeat the process for last name, if desired

  7. Scroll to “Phone” and enter contact’s phone number

  8. Press the MENU button to save the contact

  9. Done! You are ready to text and call your friends and family to your heart's desire.

You can also delete the contact before created by pressing SPKR and press OK to discard.

If you would like to add a picture to your contact, scroll up to the very top where the person outline is highlighted then select OK and select the picture you want from your gallery.

Deleting Contacts

1. From the home screen, press the SPKR button to bring up your contact list

2. You have two options. Either:

  • Text name into the top search bar that says “Search contacts”


  • Highlight the contact you want to delete in blue by using the up and down arrow buttons that say VOL+ and VOL-

3. Press the OK button now that the contact is highlighted.

4. Press the MENU button to bring up your options

5. Scroll to DELETE and press OK

6. Press OK again when the “Delete this contact?” message prompts you.

7. Done! You are now ready to delete unwanted contacts with ease.

If you would like to do a quick wipe of all your contacts, simply go to your contact list instructed by step 1 and press MENU to bring up your options. Scroll down to “Delete all” and press OK and OK again when prompted to delete all contacts. You can always use your right arrow to cancel.

Importing Contacts from Sim Card

  1. From the home screen, press the speaker button SPKR to bring up the contact screen

  2. Press the MENU button to bring up options

  3. Scroll down to settings and press the OK button

  4. Scroll down to import and press OK or the MENU button

  5. Scroll down and select USIM and press OK

  6. Scroll down and select NEXT and press OK

  7. Press NEXT with OK button, as “Phone Contact” should be selected by default

  8. Select contacts you want transferred and select OK with the MENU button.

  9. Done! Go connect with others.

We hope these tips will help you navigate using these functions in the future.

Don’t forget that we offer Travel Plans for those of you wanting to contact your friends and family while visiting the States, whether you use our SC490 or a different phone!

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