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Why the Jethro SC490 Cell Phone is Great for Kids

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Deciding to get a cell phone for your child can be a daunting task. You may ask yourself if your child is the right age for a cell phone, what phone will keep your kid the safest, or what type of cell phone is best for your child. We will uncomplicate these questions for you with sufficient answers in this blog.

Why Choose Jethro

Jethro is here to make choosing the right phone for your kid a little easier. Parents usually decide it’s time for their child to have a phone in order to stay in contact with them. The problem with most technology today is they offer an all-access pass to the internet, which kids don’t need.

With this in mind, how do you avoid the many distractions phones have or the potential for falling grades? At Jethro, we offer a simple cell phone without all the extras. The SC490 is a cell phone with many features that are perfect for kids.

No Internet Access Means No Distractions

The SC490 does not connect to the internet which means no web browsing and no apps. You will never have to worry about unsupervised internet access with this cell phone.

Easy to Use

The SC490 also has big buttons and a large screen, perfect for first time cell phone users.Additionally, we make phones with simple, easy to use operating systems. This makes the phone easy to learn.

Emergency SOS Function

The SC490 includes a mobile phone SOS button. This allows for phone numbers to be pre programmed in case of emergencies. When pressed, the SOS button will call all the pre programmed numbers one by one and send out a text message if there is no answer. This feature can keep your child safe in case of an emergency.

By getting a simple cell phone, you can be assured your child will not face the consequences of our technology driven world and they will always be safe. We hope this blog helped narrow your search for the right phone!

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